Monday, February 21, 2011


Mid February week in review

It's been a week since my last update, here are some of the highlights:

Valentines Day - flowers, chocolate and fire. Last weekend was Valentines Day, not really celebrated here in the East but certainly was back in the 612. Margit and Grace were showered with flowers and chocolate from many directions. Thanks to all of you who helped make that day special.

As I posted earlier, it wasn't all candy and roses. A friend's family burned down on Monday night. No one was harmed, but all possessions were lost. Thanks to those of you who offered support and prayers.

And again, I am grateful for the many that donated to offset the costs of me staying longer in China to continue treatments. We have once again raised enough money to cover the duration with some left over to continue treatments once I return home. Thank you all, again.

Another way we are receiving is in direct physical support. Our good friend Brian (aka Legend) has given LA notice and is moving to Minneapolis. He was considering this move anyway, but once he found out I was staying longer he offered to accelerate his plans in order to provide support to Margit and Grace. We are so thrilled that he is becoming a resident member of the 612.

So yeah, Wednesday came and went and I didn't. It was a tough day, my alarms went off reminding me a bout flights home, things got teary on the evening call. I miss my girls and they miss me. We all know the longer stay is for the best, but it is so difficult to be so long between a kiss from my sweet wife and holding my precious daughter in my arms.

Wednesday evening I went to work out and pushed too hard. I ride a stationary bike for 20 minutes to reach a sustained heart-rate of 90+bpm. It is important to get the heart rate up so that the ATP production is maximized (more on that in a future post). I was probably closer to 105, and when I finished I did some more exercise on the elliptical. Bad move, it knocked me out for a few days. Spent all of Thursday and a good part of Friday resting and feeling very week. Working out good, pushing too hard not good. My body does not currently recover like a 45 year old, more like I'm 65. Lesson? Feel more, push less.

There have been a few patients here at the hospital from Bahrain, one is still here. It has been interesting getting their perspective on what is happening there. It is a Democratic Republic with a Royal family (like the UK), but the Prime Minister and his relations have been in power for over 30 years. A small island of a country, but strategically significant because US Naval 5th Fleet is stationed there, just a few kilometers from Saudi Arabia and just across the sea from Iran. As a result the US response has been measured -- which is frustrating to the people of the country that want fair representation and feel that International pressure, and specifically from the US could make the difference.

I met w/ Dr Ming on Saturday to talk about the duration of my stay, March 30 is the new departure date. He offered to help extend my visa past that, but 3 months is the most I'm willing to stay away from Margit and Grace. I do feel like staying on longer will help me to stabilize my improved condition, but there is a point of diminishing returns and given that I'm stronger and my symptoms are fewer -- I see myself home by April 1.

We also talked about his interest in starting a Red Cross Hospital in the US where he would send his knowledgeable staff to extend the work being done here. He is working with the Red Cross Humanity Project to do just such a thing, as well as provide free or discounted treatments to those who cannot afford it. More on that as it unfolds -- but it was a very encouraging conversation.

That's all for now. Still working on the super-secret project. With the change in departure I have a little more time to get it ready for prime-time, but I hope to have more information to you shortly.

Thanks again for the love and support; the donations, the prayers, the emails, the care packages for Margit and Grace -- they are all received as they are intended and we are very grateful.


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