Thursday, March 10, 2011

And... we're back

First, dear reader, accept my apologies for being so late with a new post. There have been some technical difficulties (that still remain) with Google (search, email, chat, blogs) from China. I don't believe it is all China blocking Google, as my other work arounds don't seem to resolve the problems. I know Google has had some state-side issues as well in the last few weeks so I'm guessing it's a perfect storm of technical mayhem.

I have also increased exercise, research and social time. The end result is lack of updates here. Not to worry, all is well -- and I have a few posts waiting in the wings.

I purchased a 2nd hand bicycle and have had the chance to ride quite a bit while the weather has been nice. I've also been on a number of long walks back into the countryside which has been a serene experience.

Treatments are going well. My same acupuncturist, Tom, has worked on me for 70 days straight. No weekends, no holidays. He will be going on vacation later this month for a well deserved break. I know at least 3 other patients he works on. Each session takes about 10 minutes to put in the needles and then 30 minutes of sitting with a heat lamp, 5 minutes of removal and then 40 minutes of Twi-Na (medical massage) of my head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

Working with Dr Krystal we seemed to have dialed in the herb formula. I still have light muscle-jumping in my right shoulder, triceps and forearm but they are significantly reduced. The tongue and hand atrophy has stabilized -- my speech is still labored and typing with my right hand is a slow process, but no measurable loss in several months. All other symptoms are under control including excess saliva, tongue and cheek biting, dry mouth, choking as well as muscle cramping and heavy spasms. In addition I've not needed to use an inhaler once since I've been here -- even during moderate exercise.

I'm glad I stayed longer, it has given time for my situation to stabilize -- but I am ready to come home. I sure miss my wonderful wife and sweet daughter. I'm ready to howl with the bassets, too!

The construction around the hospital has picked up dramatically. It starts around 7am and can go as late as 2am. Dozens of excavators and dump trucks numbering in the 30's have completely removed 4 large hills and building is happening on all 3 sides. When I arrived the hospital was isolated, by summer's end it will be part of the city.

That is all for now -- just a quick catch-up. More posts on Black Bone Chicken and Transportation in the next few days.


Mom said...

Sounds wonderful. I'm glad the stay has been so rewarding. I'm glad you caught us up some so we know you are doing fine. Glad you get to travel and see the sites while you repair and educate. Question. You said you have not even had to use your inhaler. Is there a possibility that the, I'm sorry, but the dogs may cause you reactions? We both know how everything in our environment is suspect. Sometimes the culprit. It is nice that you have met some other people, that has to make the days a little less lonely. Tell us more when you can. I love you.

Bkg said...

I am interested in reading more of what you learn about the blackbone chicken. Margit mentioned it. Is this the same as the Silky? Are they available in the states as chicks for raising?

shahbaaz's blog said...

Hello David...
hope u fine..
i am Shahbaaz from India,as i am going through the google search regarding the treatment for ALS,i found u fortunatelly and i read ur blog,
My father is also suffering from this disease so we are all in bad situation.
Presently he is going through treatment acupuncture and moxibition by indian doctor since 20 days
i need ur help if u can write some more details like how the doctors in china doing acupunctre,message and herbs,it give me some help for me for treating my father...
i ll be very thankfull for this if u ll write(if possible plzzz email me..)

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear from you, David! Thank you so much for your posts keeping us updated! It's terrific to hear things have stabilized. Have you begun a countdown for your homecoming? Hope you're able to be getting enough rest with the commotion of the construction! Love & prayers, Jamie