Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Error: This domain has been disabled - Google Apps

Coming out of my blogging sabbatical to post this:

I was a premier subscriber, didn't need the "features" that came with premier, so after two years cancelled. On the same day I receive the email from Google letting me know that I've been downgraded, the domain is suddenly disabled.

Now that's a downgrade!

Can't contact Google via email, without having the premier account. No way to re-up for the premier account with the domain disabled.

After some searching I found that I can add my domain to a growing list of domains that have had the same downgrading problem here, where volunteer Power Poster LMckin51 will gladly add me to a list to be reviewed "on Friday" when apparently such issues are considered.


[UPDATE] - My service has been restored, total downtime just over 2 days. I assume this is the doings of LMckin51, for whom I am deeply grateful.

No communication from Google, and still can't access the control panel. Completely underwhelmed with the backdoor approach to getting an issue into the queue.

[UPDATE 2] - My service has been restored, but not other users on the domain (ie: my wife).

[UPDATE 3] - Everything is down (disabled) again.

[UPDATE 4] - 1/30/2010 Domain is full restored after finally being able to access my account's Control Panel. A confirmed bug that took at least 2 weeks to escalate and fix. Wow.

One win, I managed to track down the form for submitting account access issues officially to Google.