Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NP 001

I've recently begun the process of getting into my 1st clinical drug trial. This trial is for NP001 from a company called Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals. This is one of two recently developed drugs based on the ability to use sodium chlorite as a mechanism for changing the brain's messaging when it comes to cell death. Essentially this treatment flips a bit that tells the brain to not be so aggressive when recycling cells.

My Nerosurgeon at the University of Minnesota, Dr. John Day, is working with the study coordinator to assist me in getting into the trial. If accepted, I will receive five weeks treatment spread out over several months. It is a double-blind placebo controlled test so there are chances that I might be on the high, low or no dose schedule.

Looking at the reports at PatientsLikeMe.com for those already in the trial shows a strong statistical significance for those who appear to be on the different schedules. Regardless of which test group I am in compassionate case policy says that if they find the drug is doing well all test members would be provided early access to the drug once the trial is complete.

DTA's Healthy Hash (TM)

Brain-health essential ingredients:
olive oil

Put fresh, finely chopped garlic, ginger and onions (to taste) and a generous amount of oil with a little salt in a skillet or wok. Everything is low heat -- don't let the oil smoke. Saute until the garlic is brown.

Add chopped carrots, celery and protein and cover until protein is cooked (or until carrots are soft if the protein is pre-cooked); approximate cooking time 3-5 minutes.

For the last minute or two of cooking add finely chopped cilantro and parsley -- the more the better, think Cobb salad.

Serve over rice.

Substitute grape seed, coconut, apricot seed for olive oil. Other excellent veggies include peas, beans, kale, chard, fennel, etc. Scramble in an egg or two for an additional protein boost!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time with the familes

Just completed back to back celebrations with family of origin followed by family of choice.

We spent 4th of July weekend at the Peterson lake cabin in South Dakota with Margit's family. As always -- a wonderful time. The weather was perfect and the fireworks were great. This was the first year when got to watch from the water around the whole lake. It was also the 13th anniversary of when I asked (in front of family and life-long laker friends) Margit to marry me! We dined on fabulous ribs grilled by Papa Peterson and homemade Key Lime pie by Grandma Jan. We laughed, played, rested and caught up with extended family.

This last weekend we spent in Washington at a wedding with our family of choice (aka: Hippos). Again, and as always -- a wonderful time. The location was exquisit and the ceremony moving. We painted a bus, cooed over baby hippos and watched slightly older ones scream and throw each other around in the pillow pit. We soaked up each others love and danced as hard as full bellies could.

I am blessed, inspired and grateful for all of my family.