Monday, July 09, 2012

An update: ghost-written version

It's been nearly 3 weeks since being discharged from the VA hospital following trachestomy surgery and we're settling into temporary apartment-living in downtown Minneapolis.
Being in more of a "home" environ has been good for spirits for the entire family be they human or canine. Looking forward to the Mississippi River view from the new house in FrIdley; potentially as soon as next month as renovation work will soon begin.
The surgery while ending verbal communication has aided the ability to sleep without choking which is a great improvement for both health and spirits.
Meanwhile, we are working on improvements to the eye gaze software, trying to make it far more user-friendly. This would mean David will be able to "write" his own blog posts, texts and emails. A Kickstarter campaign will follow; there will be more to come on this subject...
David demanded that I mention my book, "A Rose by Any Other Name" but I'm not going to do it...
ps -he also insists that i mention the book is available through amazon and kindle...