Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Watchin the tube in my new "G-tube" or feeding tube. New because the old one fell out Monday night. I was eating dinner and looked down and it had simply fallen out. It had been a little tender from the weekend -- sitting up in prayer/ceremony all night Saturday and then doing a sweat lodge on Sunday.

I went to the VA on Monday night and a nurse was unable to insert a temporary tube which was unfortunate because the stoma began to grow over.

I went into the VA for an already scheduled appointment to have it replaced the next day. It was painful! The had to start with a 12mm tube and work their way up to 22mm @ 2mm per increment. I was quite sore yesterday and last night, but I'm feeling much better today, just tender.

Had an amazing, transformative weekend and feel incredibly blessed to be part of such a loving and powerful community. Sending prayers and drinking water for all of the sundancers this week. Thank you for your service!