Thursday, December 22, 2011

Space Coasted

We had a drama free migration with good travel weather and vehicle karma. The furnace in the RV kept us warm at night even as the temperature dropped below zero. With all of the logistics like feedings, cleanings and walkies, fuel, potty and treat breaks and only one driver we got an average of 5 hrs a day of travel. The 1600 mile trip took 6 days. We stayed in pet friendly Best Westerns a few nights for shower and pool privileges, but slept better in the RV. Once again Margit did an amazing job of commanding 50' of RV and flat-towed van.

The travel was scenic from the rolling Iowa farmland to the stoney Missouri Ozarks, through the grand aged Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee and the bogs and red clay of Georgia, to the warm, moist air and palms and pines of Florida. I often  recalled the move we made from Iowa to Florida when I was Grace's age.

We spent a few days with my sister in Orlando before heading for our winter retreat in Satellite Beach. Our friend Mark Clark flew down from Vermont as a surprise for Margit which was a real treat and helped to keep spirits light and unloading easy.

Our home on the water is lovely. Each morning I sit on the back porch and watch pelicans, seagulls, egrets, manatee and dolphins swim and feed in the canals off of the inlet just south of Cape Canaveral. Grace and I have made the 1 mile trip to the beach, her on her bike and me in my chair. Margit is getting us settled in and getting to know the area.

Here is wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and pleasant holidays however you choose to celebrate! 

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Migration Begins

We have completed our time at 26th & Lincoln. It is a bittersweet goodbye, loved many things about living in this home. Nordeast is such a great neighborhood, the house was a pleasure to live in -- in healthier times, many fun gatherings great and small.

The RV is packed with what we think we need for the next several months. The van is hooked up and all signs are pointing to a departure this evening. Margit is directing our friends in final clean-up of the house. Again we feel so blessed for all of the help getting us to this point.

Waking up anywhere south of our current position will be welcome. Margit says "even if it's just a foot!" I'm hoping for Iowa...

Lily has just been transferred to the RV -- a sign that departure is eminent.