Wednesday, November 03, 2010

ALS Treatment update - November 2010

Again, we'd like to start with expressing our deep gratitude for all of the amazing love and support that has been flowing our way. We are confident and encouraged that this is a fight we will win together.

I recently returned from a week in Seattle where I had the opportunity to DJ for two great events -- and had a blast doing it! Had no issues that evening, there are even pictures of me waving my right arm high in the air. It was a great time!

In addition I had the opportunity to be seen by 6 healers in modalities that ranged from energy, subtle body, psychic, cranial sacral, SOMA, nutrition and homeopathy.

The treatments and information were powerful. We believe there is a winning formula for beating ALS, and it includes:

Detox (metals, toxic chemicals)
Diet (Glutten and dairy free)
Deep Acupuncture
Herbal Remedies
Deep Tissue massage
Meditation and prayer

The Chinese acupuncture and herb treatments are coming from a clinic in China that has concentrated on treating ALS since 2005. You can read more here:

I am planning to travel to China in January of 2010 to receive 4 weeks of treatment and bring the information back home to work with local providers to extend the healing.

Rest assured, we are still pursuing all available western treatments, unfortunately there is currently only one that is approved by the FDA. It's job is to help reduce glutamate levels in the blood. This will also be helped by detox and dietary changes.

If you are joining us in prayer, our current visioning is healing along the brain stem and spine -- specifically in the center of the back with golden healing light filling the back, throat and arms.

There is a fundraising event happening on November 27 to help off-set the cost of China and treatments I'm currently receiving here in MN. You can find out more information here:

With much love,

-dta, margit and grace