Thursday, December 08, 2011

Migration Begins

We have completed our time at 26th & Lincoln. It is a bittersweet goodbye, loved many things about living in this home. Nordeast is such a great neighborhood, the house was a pleasure to live in -- in healthier times, many fun gatherings great and small.

The RV is packed with what we think we need for the next several months. The van is hooked up and all signs are pointing to a departure this evening. Margit is directing our friends in final clean-up of the house. Again we feel so blessed for all of the help getting us to this point.

Waking up anywhere south of our current position will be welcome. Margit says "even if it's just a foot!" I'm hoping for Iowa...

Lily has just been transferred to the RV -- a sign that departure is eminent.  


Psychic Awakenings Seattle said...

Blessings on your journey!

SeattleSusieQ said...

I didn't realize you have sold your house in MN. True?

Remind me again where you are going in FL? Warm seems good right about now.

Have a safe trip!

Mom said...

We are anxiously awaiting your call that you have safely arrive at Daytona or Cocoa, then I know you are not so far from me that I can't get to you from here. I love you and am so happy you are going to be able to come see us and all the little horses. Be safe and take your time, we will wait as long as it takes. xoxoxoxoxoxox