Saturday, February 05, 2011

A trip to the other market

There are supermarkets, and that is where most of us buy our food. However, there are also the open air markets.

There are meal vendors scattered throughout the markets. You simply point to what you want and they cook it right there on the spot.

Then there are animal vendors. [warning: These pictures start fairly benign but they get a little shocking for the uninitiated. No dogs or cats shown, but they were there.]

More pheasant


This is a beaver.

Not sure what the name of this animal is, but it is common.



As fresh as it gets. There is a woman who will slaughter for you and another man who will burn the carcass clean if you don't want to deal with the feathers.

Cow or Pig heart

Noodles by the basket full!

This is the Chinese cabbage I mentioned before, very tasty.

Ending on a high note - breads and sweets.


Anonymous said...

I use chinese cabbage a lot here back home, too. It is also sometimes called Napa cabbage in the supermarket here. Great for stir fries and even in a turkey burger recipe I have.

Very interesting posts!! :)


bkg said...

napa cabbage,
the chopping knife on the round butcher block is beautiful. I love these photos david. They make me guess at the taste and I find some guess of unknown flavor and texture that would be challenging to get past to discover if I would really be able to enjoy. I am talking about the rodents, frogs...