Friday, January 28, 2011

Thousands of words

I've updated to the latest post editor on Blogger and now I can upload photos through the proxy!

First up, I thought I'd share some pics of the acupuncture I've been receiving.

Under the chin at 1" depth:

5 needles threaded across the top of the scalp, making a cross centered on the head, these needles also go in about an inch:

On the neck there are 3 down the right side, one in the center and 1 to 2 on the left. These are also fairly shallow. At the top of my spine is a major point for ALS patients. The needle is very long and goes in about 3 inches:

On my left you'll see the points across the lower part of my skull usually 5 just about an inch above the hairline. These go in about a half an inch:

The needles in the right hand make it hard to move my hand and fingers. You'll notice the needles are in all the way to the bottom of the grip about 3" deep.

None of these pictured really hurt -- at least not as bad as you'd think ;). Many times I can just feel the pressure of the needle as it comes up against bone or membrane. Rarely is there a cross with a nerve -- occasionally there is a sting when it first breaks the skin, but that's maybe one or two per treatment.

Not pictured:
1 in the right shoulder 
1 in the right bicep
2 just on the surface of the right forearm
1 between the big and 2nd toe on the right foot
1 about an inch below and behind the center of the right ankle
1 on each side behind the ear lobe

Alternating jaw in front of the ear. This is the one I mentioned before where he twists and pounds the needle once it's in. (This one *does* hurt -- every blessed time.)

Then there is the tongue, lots of light jabs then two pokes on top and one stick under the tongue. 

Time to go make dinner, next time I'll share some interesting pictures of the food.


Kristin said...

Hope you aren't feeling as prickly as you look! I'm excited to see your food! (on pins & needles, actually...) *sorry - you know from whence I obtained my sense of humor.

Mom said...

Keep your chin up sweetie!!! Keep the pictures and progress coming. This is so fascinating to get it right as it happens. See now why I was always a believer in "Meat, it's what's for dinner!" Even if you have to clean it yourself!! :-)
Love and pray for you always.

xtine said...

Wow. You are some trooper. Thanks again for posting!

bkg said...

"where he twists and pounds the needle once it's in."

when i leave the bottom of your chin below the jump, the first photo of you was really nice to have pop up on my screen. the needles under your chin cringed me a bit but, thank you for the image.
tonight i am attempting buoyancy. letting go of concern momentarily. apparently i keep forgetting that i am...we all are. be well dah veed

Donna Peterson said...

Would you ask them the gauge of the needles they are using? Thanks

Ian said...

dta: just getting caught up on your journey - your strength and fortitude is inspiring!
Much Love