Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 3

Was woken @ 1:30 by fireworks -- apparently a common occurrence no mater what time of year. Unfortunately it hit me wrong in my sleep cycle so I was up till about 3:30. Up @ 6:30 for the morning routine, now complete with tongue exercises!

As part of the team rounds they put me on a heart monitor. The suction cups didn't want to stick because of the hair on my chest, so I've finally succumbed to a bare chest. Looks kind of ridiculous to me, and it shocked M&G when I lifted my shirt on our video chat.

2 eggs for breakfast along w noodle soup, this should be a real test for the allergies. Even more needles with Tom and then beef w cumin, steamed veggies and rice. Then off to the market!

There is a clinic bus that goes into Hauihua 3 times a week. This was my first chance to meet some of the other "guests". As it turns out I was the only patient, everyone else is a care
giver. Atusa from Innsbrooke, Austria is here with her mother. Turns out that Atusa studied TCM under Dr Ming 10 years ago. She had great things to say about him and his work as both a healer and a master. Paula here with her son David from Vermont and Tarida and Osama, both here with family members -- all being treated for ALS.

The ride took us through a much more modern part of the city than the ride from the airport. With only 6 million people, Huaihua is considered a "small" Chinese city. Much more crowded than Shanghai, lots of traffic -- from scooters to busses and trucks all weaving and honking and waving. No road rage, just getting along in very tight and fairly unstructured ways.

The supermarket was overwhelming. The translators were there to help, as was Atusa -- for which I am very grateful. I managed to find most everything I was looking for, and lots of stuff I've never seen in my life.

I'll probably go back on Saturday to do some clothes shopping. None of my jeans fit anymore, and the prices are pretty amazing. Everyone is dressed nice in new clothes, and I can see why.

Need to keep this one short, I'm pretty tired between the short night, no nap and the trip into town.


Mom said...

So glad you are getting to see some sites while you are there. Christine, next door just got back from China a couple of weeks ago. She studied the language so she could speak to everyone there. She brought back all kinds of stuff. She gave me a Chinese key chain with Chinese heads that when you turn it up, down sideways it is a different head. Pretty cool. I'm sorry you missed your rest. Maybe you can make up for it tonight. Thanks for the update. I love you.

mary said...

david, just checked in and signed up to follow your blog... thanks for keeping us all posted. love you tons! how are the flowers?

khug said...

Sleep well!