Wednesday, January 26, 2011

20 down, 20 to go

Apologies for lack of posts in the last week. I've been mostly working on a super-secret project that I'm very excited about (more about that in a bit). I also finally received my care package on Sunday -- which contained many items that have also kept me busy. I started to work on a post yesterday but developed a nasty headache before lunch that hung on until 1am.

I believe I experienced my first 'Herx" reaction. Named after Karl Herxheimers, the Dr that observed patients reactions when excess toxins are released faster than the body can remove them. My care package included all of my supplements -- which I have not been taking for over 2 weeks. Some of the supplements serve as natural antibiotics which kill bacteria that may be part of what started my symptoms.  I didn't realize it yesterday -- I just felt like crap and tried to deal with the headache and eye pain as best I could. But this morning when I woke up I had a strong toxic smell (I had showered the night before) and my urine was very dark. But I felt much better, more so than I had for the last week or so. I'm gonna say this was a good thing.

As to what the bacteria may be is a larger question. I have tested positive for Borreliosis, the bacteria that is linked to Lyme disease. There are estimates that over 80% of those diagnosed with ALS are carrying the Borreliosis bacteria. My plan after returning to the states is to pursue a course of treatment to specifically target the bug, but as I mentioned some of the supplements I'm on are already starting to have an impact.

It's good to be here receiving TCM treatments, part of the daily routine includes pulse and tongue diagnosis. So if I am having a toxin overload it can be dealt with immediately. When I talked to the Dr about it this morning she said we'd give it another 2 days. If I have another similar experience she'll change the herb formula. But she agreed it was a good sign that I was detoxing.

David and Paula left yesterday, the only other Americans. It was hard to see them go, we had become fast friends and they were very helpful. Unfortunately David left in worse condition than he had arrived. When he came in early December he was able to walk with a cane, when he left he was moving slowly with a walker.

The last 2 weeks were particularly hard on him. The power and water issues, as well as the elevator being out of order for a week and all of the construction noise really caused him a lot of stress.  I hope he is able to find a path to wellness once he is back home.

However, another patient has had some recent success. When she arrived she was using a walker -- and now just over 3 weeks later she is getting around without any assistance at all!  We are all very encouraged by this. Hans and I were talking tonight and shared that we are both talking a little better as well.

That has been an unexpected joy of being here. The community shares the ups and downs together. We are all experiencing our connectedness as we share the joys and pains of healing our bodies, minds and spirits.

Going to wrap up -- I need to get a bit more work done on the super-secret project before I head to bed. I promise to tease you more over the coming days...

Much love and gratitude.



Artemite said...

Sending you big healing kisses!

Mom said...

I was getting a little worried, but had great faith that it was just a down time for the news. You will appreciate electricity and water a lot more now, that's for sure. See why we did our well!! Top of the list. We knew that was #1 priority. I'm glad you are cleansing so well. That's what you are there for. Now you will know how to fix yourself when you get home. We can all take a little instruction too, ya know.. I love you and miss you. Listen to the doctors. :-)

Kristin said...

Detoxing and connections. Most excellent. Wish you well!!!

Anonymous said...

David, woke up this morning thinking strongly of you. Not all super-heros where capes! Sending you positive, healing thoughts.



bkg said...

"mother earth and father sky
dance together in each living being
why or why not is not mine to decide
i get to keep the dance floor clean
and the music flowing" bkg