Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 1

Woke at 6:00 refreshed and happy to be here.

Bed is very firm, apparently my body likes it as I slept well. As I mentioned in my Day 0 post I have my own heater in the room. It's actually a heater / air-conditioner. Very fancy with a remote control -- unfortunately all in Chinese. Since I'm not suppose to run the heater at night I woke to a chilly room, so before getting out of bed I tried turning it on via remote. After about 10 minutes I crawled out from the comforter to find I had turned on the AC!

After a few minutes of fiddling I got it to start cranking out heat.

Did some QiGong, but did not complete all 8 brocades before breakfast arrived. Noodle soup with and egg and some green tea. The tea turns out to have been a mistake -- it was quite tasty (I'm in China after all) but it really kicked up the tremors. I had mostly stopped drinking caffeinated tea for that reason -- today just confirmed I need to stick with the herbal and flower varieties.

After breakfast the daily routine continued with my check in with Dr Krista, Tom, nurse CC and Susan (another translator as John had the day off). I found out that my daily treatment would be scheduled for 11am. This will work well as it gives me a structured morning up until lunch and siesta.

Lunch was chicken and celery with steamed veggies and rice. Very tasty.

After lunch I tried to print out my list of supplements and my medical records. All together about 50 pages. When I took the documents on a USB stick to the translators office they looked at me like I was crazy. 50 pages seemed like an unreasonable request.

While I was waiting, one of the translators was bumping deep house. I think I'll have to connect with him another time ;).

This afternoon I tried out the work-out room, 20 minutes of bike and eliptical, then a few minutes with barbells, finishing off with 30 minutes in the massage chair. Gotta get me one of those...

Back to my room, freshly cleaned -- started working on a blog post when dinner arrived, a whole fried fish (some kind of white fish), eggplant and of course, steamed rice.

No meditation or mantras today, but I will have time to work them into the routine tomorrow morning.

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