Monday, October 17, 2011

Something wonderful is happening...

This morning I whispered to Margit, for the first time in months. Yesterday I ate an entire plate of food by mouth, for the first time in months. I am typing with multiple fingers, for the first time in, well you get the idea.

I just completed my first round of Sodium Chlorite in the patient led trial I mentioned a few posts back. I attempted to get into the NP001 trial, but it has closed to new recruits due to a surge in interest. The surge is the direct result of its demonstrated efficacy. 

As I mentioned earlier, the chemistry behind the use of NaCI02 has to do with flipping the mode of microphages from attack to nurture. The NP001 and WF10 trials are based on an injectable form of the compound to maximize serum levels in the cerebral spinal fluid. Fortunately, it is well established that the body can tolerate oral consumption as well. The serum levels end up being lower in the CSF, but some of the compound does make it to the brain.

The result is that several knowledgeable individuals have developed a protocol for a DIY trial. The ingredients are all over the counter and inexpensive, a weeks worth of treatment is less than $10.

My improvements are dwarfed in comparison to some others on higher concentrations, but I am starting low to ensure safe tolerance. I bumped up on day 5 and then again on day 7 -- which made me ill. So now I'm off for 16 days and then I'll resume the concentration I was at on day 5 for another week.

Lots to digest, so I'll leave you with 3 links should you care to dig in: is the online home for people involved. My detailed log can be found here. is where the bulk of the research and discussions are taking place. has further discussion and tracking of this DIY trial.


priyasatya said...

David, this is amazing. YOU are amazing. I feel like you are the hologram for the alchemy of turning attack into nuture for the whole cosmos. Your intelligent, fierce and couragous battle is really that epic and really that effective in shaping all of life. God bless you great warrior. <3 Krissy

Greg said...

Very wonderful! It's hard to put it better than Krissy said in the previous reply. All the time I've spent with you has been a blessing, your wisdom and love has touched me deeply. Thank you for being. Look forward to seeing you again next summer when I'm back in MN. Sending you, Margit, and Grace Love!

Mom said...

Strength, Courage and Wisdom, you are the icon for all of these. I love you and pray for you always.

chris said...

Hi David,
I was diagnosed in Dec. 2010 and a friend sent me your link. I am so happy to hear of your improvement. I looked at the links you list but not sure I got the right ingredients. Is it just sodium chlorite and water? thanks so much and keep up the battle!!

chris said...

Hi David,
This is wonderful news! I was diagnosed in Dec. of 2010. I looked at the links but am not sure if I got the right ingredients. Is it just sodium chlorite and water?
Thanks so much

dta said...

Hi Chris,

It is a 5% Sodium Chlorite solution and distilled water, and non-ionized kosher salt. The mix is weight dependent. There are specific instructions on calculating, mixing and dosing at the project website here:

It is critical that you review and understand the documents in the Instructions and Templates section under Project Documents. There is also a Dosage Calculator at the site. A bad mix can make you very ill so please confirm your calculations.

If you have any questions or want to triple check your mixture, I highly recommend posting your mix on the Forum here:

There are many helpful individuals there that are more than happy to help.

Also, please track your results using the templates provided so we can all benefit from the trial.