Friday, October 21, 2011

More on Sodium Chlorite

I have received some emails and comments regarding oral Sodium Chlorite. I wanted to post responses here for visibility.

First, this is NOT MMS. The concentration we are using is much lower and the activation is different.

The ingredients are 5% Sodium Chlorite solution (aka Stabilized O2 here), distilled water, and non-ionized kosher salt. The mix is weight dependent. There are specific instructions on calculating, mixing and dosing at the project website here:

It is critical to understand the documents in the Instructions and Templates section under Project Documents. There is also a Dosage Calculator at the site. A bad mix can make you very ill so please confirm your calculations.

If you have any questions or want to triple check your mixture, I highly recommend posting your mix on the Forum here:

There are many helpful individuals there that are more than happy to help.

Also, please track your results using the templates provided so we can all benefit from the trial.

On a personal note, most of my improvements from round 1 have dissipated. But this is consistent with those on the NP001 and WF10 cycles. The duration should improve with each round.

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Unknown said...

thanks for the update brother! meditating on nourish each day and thinking in sodium chlorite....