Tuesday, October 04, 2011

August was once again a fun filled month. Started with a beautiful ceremony with extended relations filled with love, light and healing along with wisdom of my elders. Followed by a wonderful birthday celebration filled w friends, amazing food, great music and lots of laughter.

Next came the realization the we had the means to go to Burning Man! This included purchasing an RV for the trip (and later use for our winter stay in Florida). We had to get one that Margit felt comfortable driving. We found a great match in a 1994 Class-C Gulfstream. Measuring 31' bow to stern, she's the biggest one we've owned (#3). Margit did much of the driving to and most all the driving back from Nevada. Our trip back included extra time in Yellowstone. Burning Man was classic hard and wonderful at the same time... although I had a bit less hard and a bit more wonderful than my dear, sweet wife. (Thank you my love, for all your work planning, packing, loading, driving, dressing, bathing, cooking, feeding and loving your family so much to make Burning Man happen for us this year. You are the embodiment of sexy and helful.)

September brought school in for our dear 4th grader, who is growing smarter and more talented each day. Also another beautiful, intimate ceremony weekend and some much needed time to integrate the past year.

We've begun planning our packing in preparations for the winter in Cocoa Beach, FL. We've suspended our search for a new house until we return in the spring.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I read every post and your comments help decide how to proceed with my treatment. Thank you a million times over!

Anonymous said...

What will Grace do for school?