Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Home and Recovering

I've been back for just over two weeks. It has taken this long to reset my internal clock.

I'm finally sleeping through the night and starting to feel stronger. I've lost a decent bit of my ability to communicate easily. My speech has been very slurred and my voice weak. I've also had reduced function of my right hand and the left has started cramping.

I've been on a computer holiday and mostly resting -- giving my body time to recover. The last few days my speech is finally improving. Today, at my acupuncture appointment, as soon as the needles went in my speech got clearer. So it's just a matter of time and recovery.

Thank you for your correspondence, I receive so many blessings regularly. I wanted to share one I received today from a family we met last year on the playa:

***We send our utmost light and prayers to david on his healing journey...REGENERATION & SOFTENING are the keys to rebirthing those motor neurons....gentle nourishing is what the body/spirit needs...The journey may be hard at times but David will come out triumphant...he is a warrior of light!...all that is asked of him from his body is that he completely rebirths...i see this as a butterfly metaphor:

there once was a hungry caterpillar, and the caterpillar did nothing but think of it's survival...and survival was eating...and eating anything...maybe things that weren't healthy for it....and it's mind was focused on survival...

then the caterpillar felt an inner calling/instinct to create a hard shell around itself (the hardness can be compared to the sclerosis)..the cocoon is the healing journey (complete degeneration to regeneration)...inside this cocoon the caterpillar completely lost itself...it no longer was a caterpillar...it was yet to be re-created...

and from the cocoon slowly/frightenly emerges a butterfly...ready to fly off into the sky... sipping on nectars...the rawest and purest form of life....soar off butterfly!...spread your wings and fly!

Thank you Reba, Jorge, and Ama.

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