Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/12 Update

I will resume a more frequent update schedule going forward as I settle into a routine back home.

I am feeling stronger, on Sunday my speech was the best it's been in weeks. But as I learned in China, recovery comes in waves; I'm lower energy and speaking slower today.

I had some encouraging news yesterday. In a test that segregates fat from muscle loss, I've lost 7 pounds in the last 4 months, but only 2 of that is muscle. This is a great improvement over the trajectory I had been on for the last year.

Another set of metrics from this test measure cell health and the same pattern is emerging there as well.

Getting into a schedule, enjoying the warmth and regeneration that comes with spring. Still not much time on the computer, but doing more cooking and starting to reconnect with friends.

We have started looking for our next home. We want to get something with everything on the first floor and easy garage access. We've thrown a wide net around Minneapolis, even considering a duplex where we live on the first floor. We started a treasure map of the house, Grace is very excited about a dinning room where we can throw dinner parties.

I have my first VA appointment tomorrow. A year ago I was denied access, but with the ALS diagnosis from Head of Neurology at the U of M, and the prep work done by Paralyzed Veterans of America I expect this visit to be quite different.

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Mom said...

Thanks, that's all I needed. Glad all is going well. Good luck with VA this time. I love you.