Monday, May 07, 2012

Updated housing info

This is what we're looking for in a temp home:
- Avbl immediately with month-to-month or 3 mo lease
- 3 bedroom, with at least the master BR on main floor
- master bathroom with either:
3-foot clearance around tub (1side), or
Roll-in shower
- allows dogs
- hardwood floors or clean carpet with low pile
- access to yard
- off-street parking
- handicap accessible -- front door must be less than 3' off ground (to allow for ramp) and doorway be at least 3' wide
- preferably NE or S or U area (close to Marcy Elem)

That's all we can think of at the moment... Let us know if u have specific questions that will help the search.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a budget?

Barb Anderson said...

I'm so glad your in Minn. I'm praying for your housing situation. I love you all. Barb

Anonymous said...

Hi David, you can call Liz Hermes,LSW in 'Navigation' at Lifespark. 952-345-8770 ext. 152. They do free housing location for persons in the twin cities. They specialize in residential care, assisted living and nursing homes, but are willing to talk with you about your situation. Also, once narrowed down, we recommend having a physical therapist view (VA should cover, but ALS Association also does, if needed) each home for their recommendations. Finally, there is an excellent booklet written by one of the staff at The ALS Assocication called 'The Accessible Home.' Helpful for when selecting a home and/or remodeling. Please contact me at the office if you'd like to discuss further. 612-672-0484.

Anonymous said...

The above is from Jennifer Myhre, 612-672-0484.

khug said...

Have you had any success?