Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Surprise from Grace

We are back and in minneapolis and staying at lowery grove RV park in st. Anthony.
We are all doing well. But on our first day here I got sick with a cold and now I am recovering and I have started going back to school. My mom and dad are still looking for a house but I like staying here


Unknown said...

Hi Grace. Not sure if you remember me anymore, but I know you and your lovely parents!! The RV park sounds like a really interesting option.

I like hearing the updates from you, and wish you all the best back at school. Hope you can have some really good times with your friends soon!

Best to you today.
Joe Dhara

Maiya Willits said...

Hi Gracie. Glad you're all back safe and sound. I saw the picture of your huge puddle outside the RV, that's probably fun for you and the dog, but maybe not for your folks, eh? Anyway, I'm sure with all the help you guys have looking for a new house, you'll be somewhere else before long. But enjoy the RV adventure while it lasts. Look forward to seeing you soon! -- Maiya