Monday, June 13, 2011

Healing at home

The procedure and entire stay at the VA went off without a hitch, I was out of surgery by 11 am on Thursday. For the first 24 hours they just let the feeding tube drain, then it was a slow pump of formula overnight, then gravity feed and finally quick feeding via syringe.

There wasn't much pain at first -- but then I started having cramps right at the tube location. They came every 10-15 minutes and would only last 7-10 seconds, but it took my breath away when it happened. 2mg of Morphine every 2 hours helped to keep the edge off.

I stayed one extra day because of the cramping, but by the time I left on Saturday afternoon I was mostly cramp free. They sent me home with 6 doses of Morphine but I've only used two, just before bed.

Yesterday I went for walk with Grace and my sister Jeana -- it felt good to stretch my legs after 3 1/2 days in bed. Ate a good sized lunch, but it took over an hour to finish.

I've had two solid nights sleep and all the plumbing seems to be working. We've done some feedings and supplement intakes and changed the dressing. It will take some practice, but we'll get into a routine that will keep the nutrition and hydration optimal.

Pictures soon!

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M Newell said...

Yay for being back home! I hope the tube healing is progressing well.
Love and light - Mark