Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Clinic day @ the VA

Spent Monday at the VA, for my quarterly clinic day. Like the clinics at the U of M -- I started with an FVC test (a test of lung volume and power), then a round-robin through physical therapy, general medical, psychiatric counseling, social worker and speech therapist.

I received my tetanus shot, got fitted for a back brace and was issued a rolling walker and an app for my iPad to use as an assistive device for speaking. I also got to test drive the latest in power wheelchair tech. I wasn't to excited at first -- I'm not ready for a chair and don't want to rush things, but it was a pretty amazing piece of gear. Hills, curbs, holes were all easily navigated. A 300 pond beast, so vehicle and house mods will be required if / when that time comes.

I go in tomorrow for my Thursday PEG date -- so a full week of the VA for me!

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Mom said...

Be Peaceful, Be Patient, we will be praying for you every step you take. God loves you, I love you, how can you miss!!