Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Jeff Pulver Blog: E911/VoIP: Death of the Broadband Parasite in the USA?:

Upcoming FCC rulings may kill independent VOIP by requiring 911 service.

"...Strange as how it sounds, even Canada looks to be a more fertile ground for continued technology innovation than the US, if E911 becomes mandated for VoIP, including nomadic VoIP offerings. If VoIP was the first great driver of broadband, I fear that America will drop even further down the ranks of the countries in broadband penetration and that will further sink the US economy for many decades to come.

Unless something was totally misunderstood with regards to the FCC immediate intentions, 2005 may go down in history as the time we saw both the rise and fall of the unaffiliated VoIP service provider..."


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