Friday, January 16, 2004


After a few days of research, I finally found a set of benchmarks that can be used for validation of SQL results. I worked on the TCP-C benchmarks back in 96, they are more performance oriented. The TPC-H benchmark is Decision Support oriented -- so it focuses more on capabilities and validation than performance.

The source in in ANSI-C. I tried to create a solution in VS2k3, but it wouldn't build. Then I tried nmake, the command line util. The makefile that comes with the source lists a few flags that "need to be changed for Windows NT" -- but I found no documentation on how to do this. I found one message on from someone that ran into the same issues -- no response since Sep 2003.

So, Calvin to the rescue. He created a non .NET console project. This resulted in something that would build - but had a few errors.

Most of the errors were solved by adding TPCH;WIN32;SQLSERVER to the Preprocessor Definitions found under project Configuration Properties/C/C++/Preprocessor.

A few additional errors solved by defining variables that weren't resolving... sorry I don't have better notes -- but it was only 1 or 2. I'll make the revised source avail.

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